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Last year saw the outbreak of a lung disease that affected a large percentage of tobacco and THC vape consumers. As of December 2019, the illness had affected over 2,000 people, killing more than 50. Are CBD vapes exempt from this disease?

Fortunately, after a couple of months of investigation, researchers found that the chemical responsible for the chronic lung disease was vitamin E acetate. This chemical was used to dilute oils in vape devices and lead to the CDC warning against the use of all vape products, including CBD, THC and nicotine. Afterwards, the CDC only warned people against using THC vape products obtained through the black market, since these were the ones linked with the most lung injuries.

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But new data says that experts still don’t understand how vaping works and how it can damage our lungs, no matter the compound that’s being inhaled. Consumer Reports says that at least 26 people were hospitalized after using a CBD vape product. While these cases might be caused by the vitamin E acetate, they could also be caused by CBD or the act of vaping in itself.

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The mystery that surrounds CBD and vaping products in general is alarming for a lot of industry experts. For starters, it’s unknown what these products do to people in the long term. CBD finds itself in a strange place, forming a key part of a growing industry, yet still having no FDA clearance that ensures that the products in circulation are safe and are following a set pattern.

When it comes to vaping, experts say it’s not a healthier option than tobacco and that there are also chemical reactions that occur when vape pens go through their combustion process. According to Consumer Reports, “Heating propylene glycol can create formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, and acetaldehyde, a possible carcinogen, both of which are also present in cigarette smoke.”

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The lack of FDA approval and research prevents CBD product makers from developing certified products, keeping the industry from growing and exposing millions of people to great risk. As it stands, when the FDA bans different vape flavors and products because of the risk they represent, CBD remains in a separate bubble, allowing people to purchase these products, think they’re harmless and not learn about all the risks until they read the news.


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