Video Shows Babysitter Putting Vape In Baby’s Mouth

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Vaping has become a popular substitute for the traditional cigarette, but it certainly isn’t the best option for those looking to quit. While it’s believed that e-cigarettes and vape pens have fewer chemicals and nicotine than a regular cigarette, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released there have been cases of lung damage, heart disease, and even in extreme cases, death.

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Sadly, the younger generation seems to be more addicted to vaping than adults, and this is likely due to the unique flavoring options. It’s considered harmful because most teens are simply picking up the habit because of the visual appeal, and not because they had any pre-existing nicotine addiction.

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A recent police investigation reveals that a teenage girl was not only harming her own body by vaping but had been caught inflicting damage to an 8-month-old infant. According to KOMO News, the incident took place in an Oregon home, and the video evidence had been submitted to North Bend High School.

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The event took place on Saturday and the video was taken to authorities on the following Monday. Chief Robert Kappelman, who is working on the investigation, said: “Law enforcement obtained a copy of the video, identified a 15-year-old female suspect, and interviewed the teen.” Although they had not released the video that was turned in, it was stated that it showed the female that had been babysitting the baby willingly placed the vape pen into his mouth.

Currently, Chief Kappelman stated that the video has also been sent off to the Department of Human Services Child Protective Services, but that the investigation is still in progress. It’s unclear who exactly reported the video to the resource officer at North Bend High School, and whether it was obtained from a home nanny cam or if it was taken from another device.

Regardless, the incident should serve as a reminder to any teen who is liable for a child’s life and safety should take the responsibility seriously. Vaping can inflict harm on a maturing teenager or an adult, so there’s no telling what negative effects could result in an infant being exposed to it.

Source: KOMO News

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